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First Machine Learning incorporated crypto mixer with a ''NO LOG'' policy. Capable of cleaning your coins with just a single click!

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What is penguinX Mixer?

PenguinX Mixer is a Crypto mixing service (also known as a tumbler or blender) that is centered around the idea of making your digital assets hidden from the public eye for good.

As the name implies, it works by mixing your coins with those in our cryptocurrency reserves to ensure private transactions without a trace. PenguinX Mixer helps you make your Cryptos unidentifiable and, thus, allows you to rest easy knowing that neither crypto-hackers nor security agencies can keep track of your financial activities.

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How PenguinX works

Receive clean and untraceable Cryptos in 4 simple steps!

Step 1

Select the Crypto-Currency you want to mix

Step 2

Enter receiving wallet address

Step 3

Send coins for mixing

Step 4

Receive Clean and Untraceable Coins

User Reviews

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Our Stealth Benefits

All-in-one app to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets.

Anonymous – No Logs

Our operations are based on a No signup and No Logs policy, thus all data inputs are deleted once mixing is completed

Smart Interface - A.I Controlled

Equipped with fully automated A.I interface which ensures you get your clean coins immediately after mixing.

Secured Connection - Bullet Proof

All our servers are impenetrable and are placed in unique data centers which allow us to stay immune to attacks.


Frequently asked questions

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

Due to the fact that our reserve is large and holds over 8.2 million dollars currently, you will not have to wait for someone else to send their coins to have your coins mixed. The mixing is often done instantly and the coins are sent back as soon as your coins come in. Ensure you send a decent amount in network fee along with the transaction to avoid coins not being sent any further due to miner rewards being low. Additionally, in order to ensure third parties do not look at fees to find similarities in the nature of transactions done by you, we permit a time delay for each forward address setup to receive the Crypto

We provide our clients with the ability to mix their coins and attain safety in the process. Once the coins are sent to us, it is jumbled along with a series of other transactions through our mixer. Combining this with the countless transactions we have handled in the past makes it virtually impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint of the coins. Due to the size of our reserve, we are also able to process transactions almost immediately leaving you with no concern of timely delivery of the coin.

We take protective measures against errors and malicious acts. For every incoming order, we provide a PGP-signed letter of guarantee that confirms the designated obligations

Logs of any nature are not maintained. We do not store any information that can be used to identify the users either. All logs are wiped out on a routine basis to add to organizational efficiency and security of the users that rely upon us to maintain their privacy.

There is no need for concern. You do not have to stay at the page once the incoming address is delivered. Transfers are automatically processed according the order lot over 24 hours.

Our reserves are publicly proven on BitcoinTalk (1, 2, 3). We do not profit by running away with your coins but by rather running longer in the business. If you feel insecure sending large amount of coins, you have the choice of sending money over a longer period of time in a number of transactions instead. The code within the mixer ensure your coins are never mixed with your own coin and sent back. This ensures security, transparency and anonymity


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